Back to school

IMG_3060I’ve never been a fan of New year – but the 1st day of the school year is something that I look forward to and dread in equal measures . …

The 1 st day of school is a chance to start over ! The children have their new squeaky clean uniforms , as yet unscuffed shoes and  excited faces at the prospect of seeing all their friends together again .

This year is a big one in my house, Sophie is off to secondary school ( sob !!) and Tom is in his final year ( please god let him find some organisational skills this year ) . Georgia moves up to year 3 and Molly starts nursery.

Its not just a fresh start for the kids but for me to ! It’s a chance to get this parenting stuff right – I always end the year mirroring my old school reports

” Suzanne’s a nice girl but if she could only stop daydreaming she’d be much better equipped to cope with school life ”

Not  this year , this is MY year . This year I’ve got a Calendar, Busy Mum organiser and last but most certainly not least a whiteboard ( I am a little too excited about this !)

I will read letters before the event , I will send in the reply slips of said letters before the deadline , I absolutely will never forget to put a sandwich in my child’s lunch box  ( which obviously has never happened more than that one time )

my children’s hair will always be brushed to perfection and they will never have chocolate spread round their chops from breakfast, because they honestly only ever have fruit and porridge.

Its also a chance for me to not only have my shit together but look like it to ! To be that Mum that always knows what’s going on , the mum that people ( by people I mean me ) text frantically the night before to find out the details of a trip because you thought you had written it down when you threw the letter out – the mum that I always secretly hope is really crap at just one thing ( I need to believe that this is so – it fuels my self a steam ) I refuse to be scatty , lucky if she’s brushed her hair mum for yet another year

We’ve got this Scatty Mum’s – this is our year ( now to text organised Mum to check they definitely go back tomorrow, I can’t make that mistake again !)




Autumn feels


I love Autumn! I’m one of those odd people who’s heart sings as the weather gets colder and the leaves fall from the trees . I’d go so far as to say I have the opposite of SAD disorder – I just feel so much happier .

I think one of the main reasons is I’m a sucker for a theme or little traditions to pass or start with the kids . If there is a seasonal isle in a supermarket I’m there buying a load of crap I don’t need ( must to my long suffering Husbands annoyance!) because everyone needs fabric pumpkins and crappy bat lights right ???

I just don’t think summer cuts it – I can’t think of one tradition?? I’m sure there are loads , I just don’t know them
I love collecting Apples from our trees – ok I hate actually picking them all , there is always that elusive “perfect ” apple right at the top that no amount of shaking , swearing or hiring with a stick will budge ! But I love that the kids get involved. I love making jams , sauces and crumbles.

I love watching the kids go crazy trying to find the most conkers – I don’t even mind the arguments about who’s are the biggest , strongest ect , because that isn’t what they’ll remember, they’ll remember kicking through the crunchy leaves searching for those spiky little balls to crack open . They’ll remember the excitement at choosing there Halloween costume , bobbing for apples and trick or treating , making treacle toffee and toffee apples . They’ll remember bonfires , sparklers and fireworks , crunchy leaved walks with a promise of hot chocolate at the end .


Honestly , what’s not to love ?

Suze x